5 Ways To Beat Anxiety

Therapy In Wales

Anxiety can take over our lives, but there are ways in which you can help yourself to be less anxious, here are 5 of them.

Anxiety is one of the top two reasons why clients come to see us for help with hypnotherapy (the other is depression).  Hypnotherapy is extremely helpful, but its important to understand that the solution is in a collaborative approach, there is nothing anyone can do to or for the anxiety sufferer to make it go away – but there are practical things people with anxiety can do to help themselves and change the way they think.

Anxiety is the result of negative thinking or negative forecasting – ‘What If-ing’.  Constantly worrying about what might happen, what someone might think about you or someone else’s actions or problems triggers the part of the brain responsible for flight/fight (the Amygdala).  Once that happens, the mind then does a risk…

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